Types of Boat Lift Motors We Offer

Types of Boat Lift Motors We Offer

Boat lifts are great ways to keep your boat up and out of the water when it’s not being used. For most of them, you just drive onto the lift, then a motor lifts it out of the water. Then, when you’re ready to put your boat back in the water, just lower the boat lift slowly to make sure no damage occurs to the lift or the boat. When you go to buy a boat lift, make sure you talk to your Boat Lift Warehouse professional! We are available to help anytime during the week and online!

Finding the right lift motor for your boating needs can be difficult at times, but Boat Lift Warehouse has you covered! We have many different kinds of boat lift motors that go with any lift. You can call or come in today and tell us your needs, and we’ll find the best motor to fit those needs as possible. Below are some of the motors we offer here at Boat Lift Warehouse.

  • Footed Motors: These kinds of motors have a platform to stabilize them. You will need this type of motor if your hoist uses a belt and pulley.
  • C-Face Motors: These are used on Direct Drive Hoists. You will bolt the motor directly into the gearbox of the drive to operate it.
  • Pre-Wired Motors: These motors are easy to install because the wiring has been done for you! Just bolt it on and plug it in!
  • Floating Lift Motors: A blower motor is needed for floating lifts. Our blower motors are universally compatible with any air-actuated or floating boat lift brand.
  • Free Standing Lift Motors: Like the floating lift motors, these motors are also used for a specific kind of boat lift: the free-standing boat lift. These motors are electric or battery operated.

All of our motors are from high-quality brands and should last you a long time if used properly. We encourage you to talk to a Boat Lift Warehouse Professional before purchasing a boat lift, and we can help you figure out which one is best for you and your boat.

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At Boat Lift Warehouse, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service, best products, and the best prices in the state. From PWC lifts and lift parts and accessories to power pedestals and electrical parts, we have everything you need to keep your boat on the water! Located in Snow Hill, NC, our staff is happy to help you with any and all of your boat needs. You can even request an estimate before coming in! Visit our website to learn more about the products we offer.

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